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the journalists were first captured. here are the events that brought us to this points. >> thank you for having us here. >> they were working for the cable network that al gore founded -- current tv. they were on a story about human trafficking back in march and they were right here' chinese-north korean border when north korean forces grabbed them. >> two american citizens are being detained by the north. the less we say about this publicly, the better for those parties concerned. >> the women accused of illegally entering north korea and engaging in hostile acts, one of them the sister of the well known journalist, lisa ling. lisa and others back in the united states could only hold vigils and worry. >> what makes it scary is that i can't really picture or imagine what is happening for her, and it's that sort of unknown which makes it all the more scary. >> but knowing their fate did not make it better. both women were sentenced to 12 years hard labor. it was a punishment few predicted would actually be carried out. but even before the sentence came down, the secretary of state, hillary clint
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>> it can now cover the scent of blood. [laughter] bret: thank you for joining us. we will be back tomorrow. shepard: how bad is the budget deficit? the news is in. the health-care debate, tonight, the angry in america. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: u.s. marines now on the move. they are looking to free a town from taliban forces. >> we are on the offensive. shepard: tonight, the video you will see only on fox. >> pushing back at to the health care town halls and why the aarp says they are not on board yet. the issues are so important, they are about the health of our parents, children, ourselves. across america, lawmakers have been holding town hall meetings to talk about to the health-care plan. they are trying to create a health care system for uninsured americans. a lot of people are fired up on this. we put people on location in colorado, california, maryland, iowa, new jersey. we have noticed something in common at many of these meetings, it seems that with passions and tempers running
taking care of us here. they were fantastic. that's it for this special edition for "special report" for this time. the only place you will get the whole story. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. i will be back in washington for tomorrow night's show. we hope you will join us. until then, good night from jerusalem. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: fires rage. 164 square miles burned. 12,000 homes threatened. tonight, the fight. i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. it almost doubled in size overnight. now, the monitor wildfire is threatening thousands of homes. >> our house is gone. the whole block has been leveled. shepard: we're live on the front lines of the fire fight. shepard: and former vice president dick cheney says president obama is punishing the cia interrogators who kept the country safe after the attack of 9/11. >> i think it's an outrageous political act. the enhanced interrogation techniques are absolutely essential in saving thousands of american lives. shepard: ton
. the full senate officially confirming federal appeals court judge sonia sotomayor to sit on the u.s. supreme court. the final vote 68-31 for the nominee raised in the bronx and educated in the ivies. >> the nomination of sonia sotomayor of new york to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed. >> just like that, our nation will get its first hispanic justice. a woman nominated by our nation's first african-american president. the president spoke minutes after the vote. >> and with this hispanic -- historic vote, the senate has confirmed that judge sotomayor has the intellect, the history, the integrity and the independence of find ably serve on our nation's highest court. shepard: the president calling a wonderful day in america. not everyone seems to agree. 31 u.s. senators voted against her confirmation. many of them republicans. many expressed concerns biassed or prone to judicial activism. >> a philosophy that's consistent with the activist judicial philosophy. that is that she said openly that her opinions, her sympathies and her prejudices
to a meeting . we were taken to a location and when we walked through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. shepard: ling says when they saw him, they immediately knew their north korean nightmare was ending. >> to our loved ones, friends, colleagues, and to the complete strangers with the kindest of hearts who showed us so much love and sent us so many positive thoughts and energy, we thank you. we could feel your love all the way in north korea. it is what kept us going in the darkest of hours. it is what sustained our faith that we would come home. >> it speaks well of our country that when two american citizens are in harm's way, that so many people would just put things aside and just go to work to make sure that this has had a happy ending. shepard: we're starting to hear a few details about their time in north korea. laura's sister lisa ling says the women were kept in separate locations for almost their entire detention, reportedly seeing each other on only a couple of occasions. and laura said to be eager to taste some fresh food after all that time in a nat
the only place you will get the whole story. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. we will see you right back here tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. eastern. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute trace: search teams have now found the wreckage of the plane involved in that deadly mid-air collision above the hudson and there was a body inside. plus, we now have 911 tapes from just seconds after the crash. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. the news starts now. chaos in the skies. >> we sought right wing of the airplane contact the helicopter. both aircraft descended into the hudson river. trace: tonight, even as bodies are still being pulled from the river, we are learning new details about the crash over the hudson. and we're asking you questions about the rules that require to you fly at your own risk. it was a tragedy that unfolded before the eyes of the city. a sightseeing helicopter and a small plane colliding off manhattan and plummeting into the hudson river. nine people died in that crash. and
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and the u.s. military had to provide him one en route. shepard: a lot of troubles from that building with the north korean government. the overall relationship, how is it affected? >> well, secretary of state clinton offered today if the north koreans want to come back to six-party talks, they are welcome, but it's not clear whether the north koreans will take that up. in fact, the biggest thing that will probably come out of this is the intel that we will gain from bill clinton sitting across from kim jong-il who you will remember reportedly had a stroke last year in august and no foreigner has seen him ever since. shepard: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. jen, thanks so much. a couple of notes you may not have heard about this story. former president clinton apparently was not the only man considered for this job. "the new york times" is reporting now that the white house list of potential candidates included some other big names. among them, the former vice president al gore. again the women worked for his cable network. and the new mexico governor bill richardson who travel
me home five co-workers are working from the road using a mifi, a mobile hotspot that provides up to five shared wifi connections. two are downloading the final final revised final presentation. - one just got an e-mail. - what?! - huh? - it's being revised again. the co-pilot is on mapquest. - ( rock music playing ) - and tom is streaming meeting psych-up music from that's happening now with the new mifi from sprint, the mobile hotspot that fits in your pocket. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard of hearing and people with speech disabilities access shepard: breaking tonight, another serious illness or the kennedy family. a spokesman now says eunice kennedy shriver is in the hospital in critical condition. no further information. her entire family as by her side. rome surviving brother is ted kennedy. he is going through treatment for brain cancer. shriver is the sister of the late president john f. kennedy and the late senator robert kennedy. she is best known for co-founded the special olympics and spending decades helping mentally challeng
captive. >> obviously we are concerned and we call on the iranian government to help us. shepard: plus, what were they doing there in the first place? captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: they are students and riders described as seasoned travelers there is a broad diplomatic push to bring them back home, we have learned their names now. sharon shroud student and journalist. joshua fatal another student all three said to be in their 20's. officials i said they entered iraq in turkey stayed in northern iraq for a couple of days and headed toward a resort area. that's where officials say the three americans went on a hike, got lost and wandered into american territory a fourth friend was supposed to be with them on that hike but stayed behind because he said he was sick. he says he got a call from the group just last week. they said they were in iran and surrounded by iranian troops. since then, only a few bits of information about what happened to the hikers. today, the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton said the state department is going throu
-- bret: ready for the e-mails. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. we will see you tomorrow. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: protesters protesters n hall meetings, challenging the president's health-care proposals, and today, it got a fiery. the news starts now. the showdowns so far -- explosive. >> wait a minute. >> you and your cronies in the government do this kind of stuff all the time. shepard: today, president obama got a chance to hold a town hall meeting of his own. >> i do hope that we will talk with each other and not over each other. shepard: now, what happened when the president took his turn. shepard: well, tonight, we are seeing an epidemic. it is dark, i know, but we will fix it. it mirrors some of the dark rage and rhetoric in america. supporters of president obama -- supporters and critics of president obama's proposed health-care reform have been shouting at each other all across america. democrats have been arranging some of these meetings to sell president o
is scheduled for saturday at a boston church where senator kennedy used to pray for his daughter when she had cancer. he will be laid to rest at arlington. he will lie next to several kennedy's including his brothers. there's much more on his life and passing at we have an interactive timeline there. there are some pretty special images of the kennedy family. much more on the staff of senator kennedy, we will go live to the family compound and look back at some of the most memorable speeches. first, some of the day's other news including a warning about what the taliban as new leader in pakistan may be planning. that warning is next. n diabetics on medicare. hello, i'm john fox---you may know that i'm a professional bass fisherman. but you may not know that i have diabetes. and it's never slowed me down thanks to the good folks at liberty medical. i've been a liberty medical patient for years and have relied on them for all my diabetic needs. and, if you call now you'll receive a free meter. it's easy to use with fast results. even the shipping is free and medicare may cover the
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in the capital. he was believed to be sending recruits across the border to hit targets in afghanistan. u.s. forces have been pounding his turf right on the border between afghanistan and pakistan. it looks like they finally got their killer. it is not yet 100% confirm. we cannot independently verify it. we are still looking for more evidence. if it is the case, it is a serious setback for the taliban. by definition, a hugely positive step for the rest of the world. we have team fox coverage tonight. jonathan pond has more on what the man has represented. first, jennifer graff and at the pentagon with more details. how will we know for sure? >> it dna would be the gold standard. the intelligence community is assuming right now that he is dead. they are not waiting for dna. they are waiting for signals intelligence, phone intercept from his followers when they choose a successor. shepard: how did this thing go down? >> it was basically done a in a position the missile strike with a predator unmanned aerial vehicle. this is the worst kept secret in washington that the cia runs the program. it
closely with the u.s. office and canadian officials, and they do believe that brian jenkins is in canada. they say he started out in the u.s. and drove to washington -- ryan jenkins is in canada. they say he bolated across and walked into canada. u.s. officials are hoping that if he is arrested in canada that he can be extradited to the u.s., where he can stand trial for murder. moscow? jon -- jon? jon: what about the family? >> the family was sobbing. an ex-boyfriend took center stage and spoke angrily about ryan jenkins. >> ryan jenkins is an animal. when he gets done to jasmne is unspeakable -- to jasmine. >> any also asked that anybody who has any information about ryan jenks please step forward to help -- ryan jenkins, please step forward to help. jon: anita vogel, thank you. a fox news weather alert now, hurricane bill expected to spare the u.s. a direct hit but could still give dangerous conditions along the eastern seaboard this week and. they expect riptides -- this weekend. it weakened to a category two. a tropical storm warning and a hurricane watch are issued for bermuda, whe
thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. we'll see you right back here tomorrow. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: you're credit card numbers may have been stolen. 130 million of them were targeted. and health care reform. is the government-run plan dead or what? i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. >> facts not fear. facts not fear. shepard: americans have debated it in screams and fury. >> we do not want some bureaucrat telling us when we can go to the doctor. >> you and your cronies in the government do this kind of stuff all the time. >> kill the bill! >> where are the people protecting us in government? >> say no to socialism. shepard: but, tonight, part of the battle may be over. because, tonight, the plans for government-run health care may be dead. oh, but is it? again on who is doing the talking, really. because, right now, we are getting mixed signals from the obama administration. you have been hearing a lot about what the white house calls the health care public option. that
be all by myself ♪ bret: i thought it was funny. thank you for inviting us into your home. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: qaddafi welcome home the bomber from lockerbie and now he is coming to america. i am shepard smith, the news starts right now. qaddafi has never set foot on american soil. now he wants to pitch a tent in new jersey. >> we are angry that he thinks is going to come to my neighborhood. >> he should not be in my city. shepard: this comes days after he welcomed home a terrorist with open arms. >> i was angry. shepard: now fresh outrage. first, the democrats are kicking off a p.r. blitz to turn around things in the health-care battle. they are planning to hold 1000 public events over the next two weeks. in fact, there is a town hall going on right now in virginia and with howard dean. the dnc is trying to reverse current opposition to the health-care overhaul. you heard more of this when john mccain had his first town hall. one woman got cheers for saying that republica
tell us how you will pay for it. shepard: how well did the president do at convincing critics? the president did hear from a least a couple of as critics today. he took questions for half an hour in montana, don't you know? the crowd was expected to be tougher than the last town hall in new hampshire. montana has gone republican in nine of the last 10 presidential elections. that area is a bit more purple and the questions were not very hard-hitting until one man identified himself as a proud member of the national rifle association. he wanted to know how we are going to cover the cost of all of this. >> you cannot tell us how you will pay for this. you are saving here, over there, take a little money here, but you have no money. the only way you will get the money is to raise taxes. you said you would not. shepard: president obama responded it is true. you cannot cover all the uninsured in america for three. he reiterated its promise to completely avoid raising taxes on those who earn less than 1/4 of a million dollars per year. the president has an answer. >> 2/3 of the mone
for their own health care goals. and harry reid told fox today that the senate democrats will use any legislative means necessary if republicans don't play ball. add that up, hope but also a strategy. shepard: what are republicans saying? >> a couple of things, shepard. first of all, on the public option that you outlined in the intro to this entire piece. republicans have serious misgivings about that. another republican we talked to today said he just wants the white house to calm down. let's take them both. >> you can have a government that makes the rules and then have a government competitor that is allegedly come mige with those same rules that it imposes on the private sector. >> i wish the white house would take a deep breath and pause. it seems to me there is a lot of animation and nervousness coming out of the white house that isn't really necessary. >> well, the president himself will take a deep breath and pause but that won't be until next week when he heads to martha's vineyard. shepard: the president has kept quiet on this issue for a couple of days, but today he broke
place you get the whole story. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. we will see you back here tomorrow. good night bahamas. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: tonight, the stunning story of a woman kidnapped two decades ago. today, she is found. now the horrors of the time between then and now and what happens to the kidnappers. but, first, remembering senator kennedy. [. [ applause ] shepard: tributes. >> he did so much work for the entire country. shepard: remembrances. >> he loved people. he loved the give and take of politics. shepard: and words of affection. >> people around here revered him. shepard: know mourners give senator ted kennedy a last trip through the city he loved. >> this is his home. this is where he is supposed to be. shepard: private family service to a very public memorial. final goodbyes for a senator who did so much for so many. shepard: the body of senator edward m. kennedy now lies in repose at the presidential library built in the honorable of his brother j.f. ck.
, senator john mccain of visiting as part of the congressional delegation, referring to the u.s. troops, which are clearing the taliban and the southern part of the country in advance of the elections, he says he once more. take a listen. >> it is very clear to me that more resources are needed in the form of additional troops as well as materiel, economic, and other support. >> the senator stated neutral on the topic of thursday's presidential election. president hamid karzai is seeking reelection. the latest polls show he may not clear the 50% barrier, but there might be a runoff electionç tht afghanistan might have to go time. shepard: greg palcot, live. we are watching the first hurricane of the season in the atlantic, and it is a big one, now about 300 miles wide, and looked at the eye of that storm, so well forms, so well defined. -- and look at that i. so well formed -- look at that eye. winds a to 110 m.p.h., and that makes it a category two, but they are forecasting hurricane bill will get stronger. it is threatening bermuda, and everyone is watching weather in heads in our d
, they tell us to the representatives on the hill, it seems they're overloading the main house web site that just the latest sign of how strongly lots of people feel about this issue. for other signals look at the town halls that have been happening across the nation. we have been monitoring these meetings these days in states all over the land in the last day. they have gotten very fiery as supporters and opponents of the reform face off in public. check out the latest showdowns. >> this was very poorly planned. very poorly planned. shepard: in rutherford, new jersey, things quickly boiled over. >> we have come to a point where it's more important to give illegal immigrants, illegal aliens health care. >> racist! >> how dare you. >> stop that come on. >> how dare you. shepard: this was the sixth meeting democratic congressman steve rothman has held in just the past three days. still, so many people showed up they couldn't all get inside. republican congressman mike coffman hosted an event in littleton, colorado. >> how much money did you take from health care? shepard: a lot of sh
vowed to use, quote, any means necessary to win on health care. that is an idea that some democrats applaud. >> if republicans do not want to cooperate, and they do not want to work with us, we may have to go it alone. >> but another said democrats should not pass any reform without bipartisan support. another agreed and told fox in a telephone interview that democrats may have to start from scratch. >> there is a need for us to hit the reset button, because i do not think we are discussing now is of any value to the american public. >> the so-called gang of 6, that is three democrats and republicans on the senate finance committee, will get together for the first time on the telephone during this august recess to try to strike a deal. one said that they would get this done one way or another, meeting with or without republican support. jon? jon: sounds like politics, indeed. major garrett. these are not the only debates in the health-care debate. as i said minutes ago, senator ted kennedy of massachusetts has made a request that could seriously affect of this thing turns out, and w
away. we are told the tip is credible. u.s. marshals are now said to be searching that area. cornwell's family offering $50,000 reward for information to either her safe return. personal people tough fight in the 201020 congressional elections. right now they control both the house and the senate experts are predicting democrats dozens much seats in 2010. shannon bream life in the capitol tonight. >> midterm control the white house. however, with analysts predicting the democrats could actually lose in the neighborhood of 25 seats just in the house it would be an exceptionally pain year for them. they could go from 256 seats to 231 and the republicans from 178 up to 203. still leaving the democrats with the majority but seriously thinning it out. as we have all seen during the health care reform fight, there are deep internal divisions within the democratic party and leadership is going to have to get every vote to get an agenda accomplished. see a great opportunity for power shift next year. don't count on it. long way a short time ago they were counting us out. that at least means w
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